Fact Check: Stone Pelting on Police Not in Kolkata but in Gujarat

A video is circulated widely recently on social media and it went viral as an incident of stone-pelting on Kolkata Police, we at News Sense received the video and started to verify the authenticity of the video.

News Sense Fact Check team while watching the video carefully spotted two significant things, first, two signboards in Gujarati language and language of the mob. The translation of the text on the board reads ‘Medicines’.

As with the investigation so far, we are confirmed that the incident happened in Gujarat, so we did a simple Google search, using keywords ‘Stone pelting on Police in Gujarat’ which led us to three YouTube videos, uploaded on December 19, 2019, by News Nation, The Quint, and TV9 Gujarati Channel and all the three Television channels are prominent and credible news channels. 

Thus going by these videos we found, that a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens in Ahmedabad turned violent and five policemen were injured on 19 December 2019.

The video has been made viral on several occasions, recently during the Delhi riots it has been used and made viral as an incident in Delhi.

Thus, News Sense Fact check Team has found that the three-month-old video of stone-pelting on Gujarat police vehicles in Ahmedabad is being falsely made viral on WhatsApp as stone-pelting on Kolkata Police.

Claim: Stone Pelting on Kolkata Police by Mob

Conclusion: The viral video is that of a protest in Ahmedabad against the CAA and NRC in December.