‘Soulful Tribute’ To The Star Who Represented Common Man

It’s difficult to express how you feel when you lose an Artist, an Actor like Mr. Irrfan Khan. He is an Actor who changed the feel of Indian Cinema and made the characters he played look like masses. A huge loss to the Art form named Cinema. First time I watched him in the serial “Chandrakanta”, I think it was 1994/95, I was in either IXth/Xth standard at that time. Trust me, I had no idea at that point that I will ever become an actor myself. Then in 2008 when I started working for a serial named “Chandramukhi”, lot of people used to say that even being a Character Actor one can make a name for herself or himself. Those people often used to give example of Irrfan Khan. And, that example was really inspiring for a person like me, coming from a complete non-filmy background that too from a small town. Also, fortunately my first serial in Mumbai “Chandramukhi” was directed by the same director Mr. Sunil Agnihotri, who was also the director for “Chandrakanta”. You can imagine, this whole example set by Irrfan Khan, coming from a non-filmy base, playing strong characters while working in tv-series and then entering into the big screen was a huge inspiration to many of us. 

Even today lot of people mentions his name as Character Actor. I just read an article, I think it was published in USA Today, where they mentioned “Veteran Character Actor in Bollywood movies” along with his name. Honestly, something bothered me in my heart reading that title. May be they are right technically or may be everyone is right, but, how I look at it is, every Actor plays characters, isn’t it? Some are those who plays the lead and some are those who supports the lead to let the ship moving, but, at the end an Actor is an Actor… Anyways, so Mr. Irrfan Khan’s journey from a character actor if you want to put it that way, to becoming a lead was mesmerizing to me and I am sure to many… Watching him playing any character in any film you name it, is such a blissful and learning experience for an actor like me. And now, when he is gone, I am sure many characters written by many writers imagining Actor Irrfan Khan in it, will stay in that file forever. 

Today, to offer my soulful tribute to this legend while we all are in lockdown situations during this pandemic COVID-19, I have watched “The Lunchbox” which is one of my personal favorites from his huge spectacular filmography list. I have also written a few lines and shared them on my Facebook wall. “The race between Life and Death, one day it comes to an end, but, an Artist lives forever through his/her contribution to this World for people to feel happy, sometimes sad and laugh again… and forget about everything that is not right in their own World. An Artist creates another World for you, where you may find the answer for many questions you have, the answers of which may ease your journey someday somewhere… #RIPIrrfanKhan.

9 3 - 'Soulful Tribute' To The Star Who Represented Common Man

Author Reema Debnath is the Indian film Actress known for her classic performances in the Salman Khan starrer Bollywood film Bodyguard, and attracting role in the Aamir Khan starrer blockbuster PK directed by Rajkumar Hirani.

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  1. A great path for condolences and tribute to one of the most talented, versatile and natural actor. Thank you Rima ji for sharing with us. Your words touched my hearts.

  2. Dear Reema Ji,

    After reading your article regarding career history of Legend Actor Late Irfan Khan.. it’s found that you have deeply studied his life and lots of things you have mentioned which was not known by anyone earlier.. It’s very painful for all of us to forgot demise of a wonderful actor like irfan khan.. Bollywood lost their legendary actor today and you have done a tremendous work to wrote a excellent article like this which giving a tribute to Irfan Khan from bottom of heart…. Keep this momentum of writing about lots of things which must be provide peoples to know about lots of things… Great and wish u best of luck for your bright career..

    Will wait for your next article on new subject ❤❤💐💐

  3. Yes, a tribute coming straight from the heart. Only an actor knows the real feeling, their struggle, difficulties in life. You have penned down all the qualities of our versatile actor Irfan Khan in a much better way. May his soul rest in peace.

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