A filmmaker with a passion to make a film and to enable it to reach people as he believes that the film has the inherent message, that can solve the hatred which people posses within themselves on the basis of religion and community.

Filmmaker Prasun Chatterjee is tired of reaching out to the mainstream producers and rejected by almost everyone, now have decided to go for the making of the Full Length Bengali feature film entirely from the support and contribution from people like you and me. The film is titled ‘Dharmik – The Religious’.

Prasun Chatterjee

Set in the early 1993, Prasun Chatterjee’s film Dharmik (The Religious) has two parts. In the first part, will showcase the friendship between two kids of two different religious communities and how it grows stronger against all odds. In the second part, when the friendship is hit with an irreparable tragedy, one can experience the transformation of a relationship between two individuals into a larger human truth.

Prasun started his theatre career in 2010 and was associated with renowned thespian Sohag Sen’s Ensemble and has acted in many plays and films. He also made his first Short Feature Film ‘Shades’ that was officially selected in the prestigious ‘International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, 2017’ and ‘Taratsa International Film Festival, Greece, 2017’ (International Competition Section). Prasun has been working on Dharmik for the past three years. To get a sense of local living, he has stayed in the village Bhagirathpur for over a period of one year in the Indo-Bangladesh border.

Speaking to the Editor of News Minute, Joydeep Das Gupta, Prasun said “till date 74 donors have responded to his appeal and many more have committed to Contribute in the days to come. If the film gets made with the amount raised, 20 percent of its profits will be used for sponsoring books and relevant study materials for 20 underprivileged children. The sponsorship will start from Class V and will continue up to Class XII .The entire process will be operated through a trust/society to be set up by the makers of the film”.

It is interesting to note here is that, in 1976, Noted Filmmaker Shyam Benegal made the first Crowd funded Feature film in India, collecting Rs 2 each from 5 lakh farmers of Gujarat. The film was Manthan, which has won many awards and critical acclaimed across the world. Since then quite a few films have been made in India through Crowd funding and now Prasun’s Dharmik took the centrestage with a subject that is of concern to every single individual. Anyone who wishes to support Prasun in his passion can come forward. Click the Campaign Link and support: http://beeyodo.com/a-young-filmmaker-s-long-cherished-dream-can-only-come-true-if- you-stand-with-him-support-prasun-chatterjee-and-team-s-film-dharmik-to-get-made