Veganism for self and others well being

By Nandita Das

The Animal rights movement has long been sidelined but not anymore. People are speaking up for their non-human sentient friends. In this revelation an ethical lifestyle has come into human senses with the best of interest.Veganism is an ethical lifestyle that encompasses social justice as well as almost all issues regarding the well being of a person and his responsibility towards the environment and other beings. The new way of life is now popularized by the name Veganism.

The word “Vegan” is derived from the first three and the last two letters of the word “vegetarian”. Vegans abstain from eating meat, fish, egg and dairy products and also do not support using leather, wool, silk, pearl. Vegans do not support any entertainment industry that involves animals as the subject. Also refrain from using products that are made of or tested on animals. The lifestyle change doesn’t encourage Vegans to only refrain from meat and dairy but Vegans also do not support nor visit circuses, zoos and parks where animals are held captive. They also refrain from horse and camel riding.

There are millions of Vegans all over the world and India is not behind. Almost 20 thousand people are vegan and many more are adopting the new life style. Quite a huge number of them have turned into activists and they are taking to the streets to start voicing concerns for their non-human friends. The number of Vegans is gradually growing among all age groups in our country. Vegans come with the idea of living free.The idea of ‘Ahimsa’, which is synonymous to Veganism, is not something imported from any foreign country. It has its roots in India. Ahimsa in its best practice is possible only by following ethical philosophy of Veganism.

One such success story is Bengal and precisely Kolkata. Many Vegans of Kolkata and its suburbs along with Durgapur and Siliguri are active in their respective regions to propagate the idea of living free and causing no harm to the innocent voiceless beings.They are currently active in organizing regular outreach programs to start conversations and create awareness among common people about animal rights and how that concerns their health and the future of planet earth.

In Bengal the Vegan Movement has been started by activists like Beas Mukherjee, who is active promoting Veganism since 2011.The movement has now taken shape under B.R.A.V.E. (Bengal Rebels’ Association of Vegan Enthusiasts). All the Vegans have united to promise solidarity for the animals and environment alike with what they mean about a Vegan Revolution in Bengal.

For a dedicated activist, veganism is not just about the diet, it’s about the compassion for innocent sentient beings that inspires them to go Vegan. With the growing number of patients with heart diseases and cancer along with numerous other diseases in an unhealthy lifestyle, Vegans are on the ground promoting a life where no human or non-human life gets harmed.Veganism is not about minimum cruelty but ZERO cruelty towards ALL animals regardless of their species, to have a beautiful and positive living in this peaceful planet.