Ambulance Dada – The Savior of Lives

Joydeep Das Gupta, Editor, News Minute

Ambulance Dada

Life sometimes gives us some tough lessons, which in due course of time becomes the prime reason for our life. There are many such unsung and unknown tales of human life, which seldom meets the public eye. The story of Karimul Haque is one such tale, which has become a source of inspiration and dedication in his own life, from a tea garden worker to savior of people, Karimul has come a long way.

Karimul Haque may be a common name but the love and respect he gets as Bike Ambulance Dada is what keeps him going. Meet Karimul Haque, a tea garden worker in Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal, who ferries the ill, the poor and the fragile to and from the district hospital on his bike. This service he provides is through the year, anytime of the day or night, and ‘free of cost’.

Ambulance Dada

A personal experience, which Karimul faced in his life, later became his inspiration to take up this voluntary job. Speaking to News Minute, Karimul said “My mother was very ill and I could not save her because I did not have a vehicle to take her to the hospital back then. It was very painful to see her die, helplessly 15 years ago.

It was from then on Karimul was clear, that he must do something for the people and to ensure that no one dies without medical treatment, as human life is very precious. During another such incident, when a co-worker, Azizul, collapsed on the field in front of him, Karimul tied him to his back and rode 50 km down to the Jalpaiguri Sadar Hospital. Azizul survived, and Karimul took up the idea of a bike ambulance. There is no looking back, since then. Until date, Karimul has ferried nearly 5,000 patients in need of an ambulance and saved their lives.

Ambulance Dada

In doing so, he spends half of his salary  serving people, though now people are coming up to him with whatever little help they can provide. Along with this service, Karimul aka Ambulance Dada  has started a small first aid clinic at his place and is supporting orphans by promoting  local handicrafts. He is now a popular figure in the area , and people come to him  seeking his advise and blessings.

The savior is just a call away at any hour of the day or night. Though the mobile network works well, but the roads and healthcare facilities in the rural areas still needs attention is Karimul’s personal experience and observation.

Karimul’s life is not just a lesson for him, but  a valuable lesson to each of us, urging us to find a noble cause and a purpose in life, to serve the greater good.




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