Taliban Bestow Hope for the People of Afghanistan with Restrictions

By Saadatullah Habibzai

Photo: Saadatullah Habibzai

Past one week has been a week of hopelessness as fear and uncertainty gripped the people across the world, as disturbing images and videos started flooded the social as well as mainstream media, as we helplessly witnessed The Taliban swept into Kabul after the fall of the government and the leader of the democratic country fled.

After conquering Afghanistan, Taliban holds its first press conference in Kabul where Tehreek-e-Taliban, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid appeared for the first time delivering positive hopes.

In the first ever press meet, he assured the establishment of a strong and comprehensive administrative system, women’s rights, individual rights, freedom of the media, amnesty and the establishment of diplomatic relations with countries around the world.

Zabihullah Mujahid also assured that they won’t seek revenge and will not take revenge on anyone. But at the same time cleared that an Islamic and inclusive system of all Afghans would soon be formed. He added that women are an important element of society and can work within the framework of Islamic law.

He stressed that the media in Afghanistan can continue to operate with neutrality but in accordance with Islamic and national values.Three main demands of the Taliban from the Afghan media.

The media in Afghanistan can continue to operate, but it has three main demands on the media.

1- Media publications should not be against Islamic values.

  1. The media must expose the realities of society and maintain their neutrality.

3- The media should not violate national values ​​and incite ethnic prejudices in the country.

The people of the country want a comprehensive system in Afghanistan as soon as possible, but assurance from Taliban clearly reflects restriction and discipline under Islamic law to rule the country.