Fact Check: Daughter Nandana Denies the News of Nobel Laureate Dr Amartya Sen’s Death

A Twitter post claiming that Nobel Prize-winning economist Dr. Amartya Sen had passed away at the age of 89 went viral across various social media platforms and was widely circulated by prominent news outlets in India.

In response to numerous requests from our readers, News Sense took it upon ourselves to verify the accuracy of this claim. Our Initial investigation revealed that the news emerged from the Twitter account of Claudia Goldin, who is also a student of Dr Sen.


After conducting a thorough investigation by scouring social media and news websites, we decided to reach out to Ms. Nandana Dev Sen, the daughter of Dr. Amartya Sen, to ascertain the truth. News Sense contacted Nandana Dev Sen, who promptly refuted the news, affirming that her father is in good health. She stated, “Baba is totally fine,” and went on to share that they had spent a delightful week together as a family in Cambridge. She even mentioned that his embrace was as robust as ever when they bid farewell at the train station the previous night. Dr. Amartya Sen is currently actively engaged in teaching two courses a week at Harvard and is diligently working on his book on gender-related issues, maintaining his usual busy schedule. Nandana Dev Sen has already disseminated her statement across all our social media platforms and urged others to share it further.

Furthermore, Nandana Dev Sen requested us to publish her statement on News Sense due to the numerous inquiries she is receiving from people around the world seeking verification of the news. She also confirmed that the Twitter account of Claudia Goldin had been hacked.

Given that Nandana Sen is the primary and most reliable source for confirming this sensitive information, we can categorically assert that the news of Dr. Amartya Sen’s demise is entirely false.