School Girl Develops Mask That Can Kill Coronavirus

By Divyashree Mohanty

During these hard times, we believe someone to be our life savior. Someone who can show us the positive side that has not been shown yet to the world. And give us some hope in our lives. This is a story of an innovative student from Bengal’s Purba Bardaman district, who has not only thought but also developed a mask that can kill the virus.

Digantika Bose, a class 12 student says that the mask she has worked on can kill coronavirus. Her mask will be displayed in Google’s Museum of Design Excellence in Mumbai.

Speaking to News Sense, she said her mask has three chambers. It has a negative ion generator that filters the dust particles in the air. When the filtered air enters through the second chamber, it reaches the third one which is a chemical chamber containing a mixture of soap and water which could kill the virus.

Digantika mentions, “We know that soap water kills the virus, so when the air reaches the third chamber, the chemical solution has the potential to kill the virus.” Similarly when a Covid-infected person uses the mask, the air they breathe out will go through a similar process and the spread of the virus could potentially be stopped. Digantika also said, that she has approached the state health department for trials and it could be a possible barrier against the spread of Covid-19.

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Previously she had made a pair of glasses for locals in the Sunderbans which allows people to look behind without turning their heads. This helped locals from wild animals in the forest that could hunt them from their back. She has been awarded thrice the APJ Abdul Kalam Ignite Award. The third time she was awarded for innovating a comfortable mask that does not strain the ears.

News Sense appreciates such young talents, who have open hearts and are willingly coming forward with innovative ideas to make people’s life more beautiful. We wish you all the best wishes for your future!