Journalist, who keeps ‘Humanity’ in the Line of Duty

By Sana Ahmed

It takes a lot of perseverance and grit to be in a challenging profession like Journalism, as a Journalist is constantly ridiculed, criticised, honoured and praised as well. Journalists work all through the day and night to bring its viewers and readers latest updates of whatever has been happening around.

On the 8th of December when there was a nationwide strike, Debashish Chakraborty a Television Journalist associated with News 18 Bangla was doing a live coverage near Aamta in Howrah in West Bengal. At round 7:30 am he got a call from one of his acquaintance who has looking for a B+ blood donor.

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After completing his duty, Debashish decided to donate blood himself as he was well aware that it will be difficult to commute for people willing to donate. The journalist reached Narayana hospital in Howrah at around 11:30 am. Upon reaching the hospital he realised that the patient was a cancer patient and needed platelets. The patient Mou Guha is the sister of 7 times gold medal winner Sampa Guha in Weightlifting. She has also won several medals in the Commonwealth and Asian Games and also works with Kolkata police as the team leader of Women Bike Wings.

The process of platelet donation requires about 7 hours and buying from the blood bank needed ten days for it to reach the patient. Debasish readily agreed to donate and took leave to resume his work again. Upon learning about the situation his office also extended full support to him.

Speaking to News Sense, Debashish Chakraborty said, “I underwent a lot of testing procedure for at least 4 hours and then the donation process started at 4:30 pm and lasted for more than an hour. The blood is removed from one arm and travels through a centrifuge which separates the platelets from the blood after which the blood returns to the donor’s body through the other arm.

Debashish has always gone out of his way to cover news stories. He has done live when Super Cyclone Amphan hit West Bengal, political protests etc to name a few. He is very passionate about his profession and enjoys every bit of it. At a time when people are spewing hatred for no rhyme or reason, Journalists like Debashish inspire us and reinstate our faith in humanity.


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