Heal your heart with brighter thoughts for yourself and people around

By Divyashree Mohanty

Photo: Aaron Burden

When was the last time you checked on yourself ? Or do you remember any recent moments when you switched a tedious day into a cheerful one? This might not be hard for you to think on but, here we want you to recollect those pleasant flashbacks when you were considering yourself in life. This is what mental health talks about. A process of recovery often guided by instincts, motivated and directed by our emotional and mental thoughts. We frequently discuss on mental health issues, leading factors, repercussions and what not. But do we realize the ground situation happening around us? Or do we ignore them?

To my concern readers, we need to value the significance of self healing. It is as much crucial as to breathe and live. If we keep neglecting our psychological health, then someday it will lead us to depression, nervous breakdown and impact on physical health. Which we certainly don’t want, do we?

Just like plants require water and sunlight to bloom everyday, heavy data needs to be clean off time to time from mobile, in same case we need to wipe off all the melancholy, worry, fear & guilt from our mind on a daily basis. If we start talking in reference to what is showed to us, then there’s no going back. We watch influencers, motivational gurus, random people which you might have come across through contacts, believe themselves to be speakers on social media platforms. Are they even spiritually connected with the term “Self Healing”? Truth speaks, it’s the shady business that has engaged us all in this dirty pool.

Also most of the time what happens is, people open about their personal grieves. Think them to be their personal therapist or gurus. By the end of the day, we are deceived through some malicious tactics and our life is being mocked by them. This pattern simply needs to get rid of the toxicity, it is providing all over the globe.

Instead of provoking the audience to consume misguided information, these individuals should make them face the reality along with making them understand the beauty of life. Before we jump to end conclusions, we ourselves require to be acknowledged sufficiently on the subject matter. So that our opinion doesn’t misleads with their knowledge of facts.

Speaking to News Sense, Actress Reema Debnath who is also a follower of Ramakrishna Math and Mission, since her early childhood, spoke on the issue, mentioned how triggering this situation has become and more because of the still affected pandemic. She told us plenty of situations where self healing has come to a sensitive condition and needs to be looked after. Ms. Reema highlighted, “How people have been metamorphosing between life and death.” She has posted bunch of tweets and social media posts, guiding people to the positive side with hopeful prospect of life.

Now the question arises, how can we reach to peace, love & affection? It’s easy if you follow the routine. All you necessitate is to close your eyes, breathe, exhale and let your inside thought talk to you. You will definitely feel relaxed, light weighed, much calmer than before, ponder less on the negative aspect of life. We often call this procedure as ‘Meditation.’ Eventually others will get allure to your positive aura spreading care and fondness. It is utterly not for a day or two process and you are hoping for some miracle. This has to be in continuity, sparing 10 to 15 minutes from your daily routine. It will take sometime but will evoke your energies to fight back from situations.

Undoubtedly, there are challenges in between and after the process of self healing. But before that, people around us need to understand that we all deal with some or the other problems and instead of making it worse for themselves and others. They can kindly hear their loved ones, friends, and families without passing judgements. Because discernment has always been one of the root causes to someone’s loss. We should learn to say ‘NO’ when required. It can recover one third of your problems and ‘YES’ to a healed and much better life. Drink a lot of water, stay hydrated.