9 year wonder boy Reyansh comes up with his book on Space Science ‘Our Universe: Past, Present and Future’

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence”- Albert Einstein

Curious and craving for knowledge is what defines Reyansh. His curiosity to understand the other world comprising of all the 8 planets and many more is not unknown to anyone from his school, to friends and relatives. Even an expert can get into dilemma talking to him and satisfy his queries on the subjects which range from singularity, time dilation, string theory to black hole. 

Children across the world are coming up with their concern and raising movements across the world only to make this universe a better place to live in. From Greta Thunberg, the Swedish climate change activist to Malala Yousafzai, the education and human right activist are gathering a consensus to ensure a better tomorrow for themselves and the generation to come.

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Similarly Reyansh, after his dedicated learning and understanding about space science for years, has come up with this thought provoking book on space science ‘Our Universe – Past, Present and Future’, which he started writing on January 2019 and completed couple of months back on April 2021. The book ranks 5th best seller in the category Astronomy and Science besides Stephen Hawking’s Black Holes: The Reith Lectures and others on Amazon. One can buy the book online as it is now available for the readers on Amazon, here is the link Our Universe – Past, Present and Future

As the cover page of the book, duly painted by Reyansh’s sister, Zoya, depicts, the book takes the reader through a journey of informationon the Universe, its past, the galaxies, space time, multiverses, lifespan of stars and concludes with what future can be, as the book dives deep and look for possibilities in the universe.

Speaking to News Sense, on the launch of the book, Reyansh says, “The inspiration behind the writing the book is to make people aware of the serious concerns to save the environment of the universe and positive possibilities that can explored in the outer space.

The book begins with questions and curiosities of Reyansh and ends with solutions, as he writes, why do we go exploring space and landing on the moon? well as the population increases, the only way to survive is to explore outer space and set up colonies. It will not solve our problems immediately, but will help us to alleviate the problems quickly. It is also important for asteroid mining which would be healthier for our planet.

He further adds, if something like an asteroid collision or extreme heating happens on earth, the only way out would be to set up a colony on the moon or mars. Plus, on the moon, Helium 3 may be abundant due to solar winds, helping us use fusion energy, a clean source of energy that does not harm the environment. This book will introduce you to the main topics in science with the hope that by the end, you can go and make your own discoveries.

The ideas reflect the vision and clarity of the 9 year old boy about the subject and his serious concern for the environment of the universe in general and the earth in particular, which comes with his suggestions, where he points various possibilities of energy exploration in other planets. Subscribe to Tojo’s Wizzy World YouTube Channel for regular updates on Space Science and Astronomy from Reyansh.

Though these days, Reyansh fondly called by his loved ones as Tojo, has acquired interest in music, in particular playing piano. But the little boy’s cause and concern are genuine and if needed can be explored scientifically. The royalty that Reyansh is going to receive from the book will go for scientific experiments and non profits serving underprivileged section of the society.