COVID Awareness Campaign by New Town Residents

Residents of New Town with support from NKDA and New Town Police plunged into action to make people aware of the safety measures in order to protect themselves from the Novel Coronavirus.

Volunteers of New Town Forum divided themselves into 5 Teams covering almost whole of New Town mainly the market place. The campaign started at 7 am in the Morning and which continued till 10 am. The volunteers not only deed the miking but also distributed face masks to those, who avoided wearing the mask, making them aware of the importance of wearing a mask.

Speaking about the initiative, Samaresh Das of New Town Forum said, “We have started this campaign seeing the vulnerability caused by the Coronavirus and this campaign has been supported by NKDA and New Town Police“.

Maintaining safety measures which include wearing the mask and maintaining social distance, 5 teams covered the areas namely CB Market, 18 Tola, Sapoorjee, Akansha, IIB Community, Moonbeam, Greenwood Sonata, and NKDA Market area near Greenwood Park.