Citizen Forum Rescues Locked COVID Family with Necessaries

It is the time for every one of us to fight the Pandemic unitedly, through awareness and unity but stigmatization of corona victims, corona warriors, and migrants has divided the society badly. People out of ignorance and lack of awareness are turning themselves away from their moral responsibility leaving the victims to suffer helplessly. One must remember, that the situation may be the other way round too. 

In a recent incident in a housing complex located in Action Area I, New Town, a woman has been tested positive and is advised them to stay home quarantine along with her husband, who is advised to stay home quarantine. The real problem started to arise when all necessities at home got exhausted, and the family comprising of the couple, no one can go outside, even no one in the housing society is ready to help the family fearing contamination. 

The couple reached out to the New Town Forum for help, Speaking about the incident Samaresh Das, of NTF said, “on learning about the incident, I along with Supriyo and other team members reached out to the couple arranging all needed food items with all necessary precautions. Police and administration too came forward to help us in all possible ways“. 

The priority now is no doubt to protect ourselves first from the virus COVID19, but on the ground, people look at each other suspiciously those who are fighting the virus and those who are infected are seen as a ‘virus’. So, it is not the time to discard all these taboos and to support each other. 


  1. Yes I absolutely agree. The great challenge , the human race of the entire globe is facing today can not be fought individually.l suggest
    to make a plan like supporting a family or an entire building / complex with all logistics which are required in case of if its residents are quarantined. Ofcourse this support which includes food, medicines, etc. against cost.

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