Awareness with Street Graphiti by New Town Police

The role of Police amidst the Pandemic has been very much appreciated. From maintain law and order situations to coming to the rescue of senior citizens and needy has been commendable. Moreover, police have shown the compassionate side of their duty by organizing several creative programs from time to time to make people aware of the importance of staying in the home for the safety of all during the ongoing lockdown phase to contain the spread of the Pandemic caused by COVID19.

Kolkata Police and Bidhan Nagar Police has won the heart of the people of Kolkata, Salt Lake and New Town by their creative efforts, sometimes by music, sometimes by singing songs from popular numbers with the message of maintaining social distance, inside home and handwashing.

Recently, Police officials under the leadership of Partha Sikhdar, Incharge Techno City Police Station, New Town led his team to design graphitis on the streets of New Town near the residential complexes under the police station in New Town, so that people in the area can stay at home, maintain social distance and hygiene.