Holi Celebration Breaks the ‘Difference’ with the Blind Children

By Swarnali Chakraborty

Every year on the occasion of Holi, children of ‘Light House’ for the blinds celebrate the festival of colors in their own way, playing Holi with colorful flower petals. Sharodiya, a nonprofit organization organizes the event every year and this was their 8th year.

For the children for whom the only visible color is black, feels the fragrance of the flowers and play with them, throwing petals on each other. On the occasion of ‘Phul Dol’ or ‘Flower Holi’, students are told to take part in the cultural events of their choice like dance, music, playing musical instruments etc.

Soumen Saha, the organizer while speaking to News Sense said “we meet once in a year talk to them just for 5-10 minutes and they remember us through it, they want us to visit every year. It is our success of making them happy.

Happiness was visible on the eyes of each and every children of the Light House who were playing, laughing, dancing, and singing. Chemical colors are not used in the program to promote environment friendly healthy festival of color.

The children also want others in the society to make the festival of colors more meaningful by playing only with organic and flower colors.