Awareness to Conserve Nature by School Children

Awareness is the first step of conserving nature and this takes long for us to think and ideate and come out with a concreate movement. In a simple but significant steps towards awareness, a drive was organized by the students of classes V to VII of Future Campus School, Garia recently when they distributed handmade paper bags with innovative messages and paintings about conserving nature on them.
The drive was initiated by collecting old newspapers by the students and turning them into paper bags by the school attendants. These bags soon got a face lift when creative pictures and messages by the students adorned them. The distribution of these bags were concentrated in the market areas of Garia and Boral areas of South Kolkata.
The patrons were initially reluctant to receive these, mistaking the campaign as a sales promotion but was highly appreciative to later understand that it was an awareness programme. The students enthusiastically spoke about the long term harmful effects of usage of plastics and how detrimental they are for our environment. Our school is a plastic free zone and the students are always motivated to use stainless steel water bottles and tiffin boxes and they tried to deliver similar messages to the general public.
Apart from distributing bags they also went to the local vendors to urge them to stop using plastic bags and pinned badges on them symbolizing to initiate them in the movement at the local level. The drive would have been continued in various formats but the entire spirit had to be halted when struck by the pandemic. We have resolved to renew the outdoor initiatives once our lives are back on track.