Social Volunteers with Social Media, Fights COVID Second Wave

By Tulika Bera

The pandemic in the form of second wave of Covid now is more relentless than the previous wave and owing to this the whole country is facing unparallel crux and loss of fulfilments of demands from the medicals sectors. When the medical infrastructure is proving insufficient number of individuals in the form groups are coming forward with their helping hands with the sole aim of saving lives. “Dhakuria Tarun Mahal” a socio-cultural organization came up with its Covid Campaign “Haath Barale Bondhu” (Raise Your Hand Friend) where they took the initiative of providing oxygen cylinders to the needful patients. 

This organization not only is a dollop during this pandemic but also had its hands over other issues preponderating in the society. Hefty numbers of people do not make a system run, but with active minds and conducive in nature, small numbers can make awe. In like manner, this organization with its 60 members along with male and female on the field is running victoriously without the greed of recognition but with only one motto “Manusher Jonne Manush, Manusher Kache Agea Jao” (People are for people, people should stand for them).

Subho Chakraborty, a volunteer from Dhakuria Tarun Mahal says, “In this terrifying situation when people are taking a step back to help, we’re coming forward to lend the isolated families our shoulders as by replenishing them food and medications. By requesting several doctors we also tried to indulge telemedicine consultancy to around 2,380 patients over which 2,122 patients have auspiciously recovered.” 

All the aptitudes given are of self contribution. Social media is playing a huge role in this pandemic and undeniably they’re bestowing it to their best. With the growing demand for oxygen, beds, and medicines many bona fide suppliers are finding it difficult to fulfil the needs either way keep their phones switched off or do not answer calls.

We are available 24 hours of the clock. Nights do not play as excuses for us. By this the greatest achievement acquired was when a Covid patient recovered and came to join our small family”, said Subho Chakraborty, he further adds, “But for the upcoming days, we are updating our system of approach by launching Auto Ambulance with oxygen cylinders. Despite it being a bit hard-won as no such facility is running all over Kolkata.”

The time is tough and dark. But even in darkness some ray of light always quivers in and here the ray are the many such social volunteers enacting as the connecting bridge between those who provide help and those who need it. In this second wave, people cannot fathom what is coming next. So these people are working day and night like any other frontline workers with one hope, one goal, and one prayer that no life should be compromised.