Daughter Celebrates Father’s Retirement by Flying Together

Father-daughter pilot duo celebrated father’s retirement after 44 years of service in flying. Fiona Austin-McDonald congratulates her father Wade Austin-McDonald on his 65th birthday, thus announcing his retirement from flying. 

Speaking and wishing on the occasion, Fiona said, “Happy birthday and happy retirement daddy 44 years serving the skies and flying people with the highest standard of safety. It has been an honor to fly with you. You’ve taught us how to work hard for what we want- passed on so much knowledge to many Caribbean men and women who became great pilots because of trainers like you“.

She further added, “If it wasn’t for the retirement age I’m pretty sure you could go for another 15 years but so it is written. Have a great birthday and enjoy your retirement Wish you many more years of life, good health and great memories.

Such simple moment of love and appreciation, can boost the morale of everyone, thus inspiring everyone to do good and spread happiness around.

Story & Photo Courtesy: The Female Influencer