Green Taxi, Reviving Green Culture on the Wheels

We love to see canopy of greenwood with shades and wish to have fresh oxygen but do we really care ? But someone is careful and responsible to justify his actions by creating a green space for the generations to come. Taxi Driver by profession, Dhananjay Chakraborty fondly known in the city of joy as Bapi Da, came up with this idea of plantation inside and outside his own taxi, using the possible space judiciously.

Bapi da is an environmentalist in his own rights, because of his fondness for greenery since his early childhood. He use to work in a factory, but the factory closed. It is then he become a taxi driver. During his rides in the city, he use to witnesses the infrastructural development of the city at the cost cutting of trees and often felt bad.

One day he spotted a beer bottle inside his taxi and thought of planting a shrub on it. When he planted the shrub started to grow, which amazed him and in the course he planted 7 such plants inside the taxi. Initially his customers use to criticize his green idea by striking questions like insects can cause trouble destroying the taxi and hampering the convenience, but he didn’t stop rather he improved his plantation, without disturbing the passengers convenience.

He also started using metal sheet at the head of the taxi to plant more with glass cover giving otherwise comfortable experience to his passengers during heat. He also added some attractive drawing, related to the history of the city, writing environmental awareness quotes. Bapi Da, himself takes care of the plants by cutting, planting, and watering them.

Speaking to News Sense, Dhananjay Chakraborty (Bapi Da) says, “the taxi fare is same as other taxis in Kolkata, but i try to give my customer a different experience, so that they love to captured green moments inside the taxi. I was never acknowledged by any government. I want to demonstrate this green solution to the government.

We live in a society where nature is losing its essence despite the fact that we badly need clean and safe environment for our survival. So, start loving nature to save the planet and go green by planting more and supporting innovative people like Bapi da.