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Saturday, March 24, 2018
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The Library Man of Bengal

1-7-696x385 Unsung Hero

Assam’s Designer Weaving Many Lives

The inner call to grow along with every woman of her locality and community took the shape of Arpi’s Handlooms. The focused and one...
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From Jail to Literature, an exceptional Journey

An extraordinary journey of an ordinary man. Manoranjan Byapari is recently invited to be a part of Jaipur Literary Festival for his book Itibritto...
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Defending the dignity, with Wen Lido.

Everyday we come across news of physical abuse and rape, were mostly, children, girls and woman are the victim and they live with the...
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An Amazing Animal Lover

Amal Mahato, may not be a familiar name, but his act of love and care for animals, in particular the stray and homeless dogs...