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Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Drama: The Parting – 1947 Revisited

70 years ago the country of India was partitioned by Great Britain, following the Indian Independence Act of 1947. Essentially the last act of...
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Rediscovering the city with heritage walks

Every city has its own history and hidden information about them, Kolkata; the city of Joy is no exception. The city is unique with...
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Is India going through a Cultural Change ?

We have been discussing about Culture being “the way of life”, having the ability of bringing forth social change which promises progress of a...
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Human for Humanity, remembering Bhupen Hazarika

When the country is passing through deep thought, wandering about degrading sense of Humanity, remembering Bhupen Hazarika comes very relevant. Kolkata Assamese Cultural Association, a socio,...