Kolkata Assamese Cultural Association Hosts Successful Bihu Dance Workshop

The Kolkata Assamese Cultural Association recently organized a groundbreaking five-day workshop on the Bihu Dance at the Assam Bhawan in Kolkata. This marked the first-ever such event in the city, aimed at introducing and educating participants about this vibrant Assamese folk dance form. The workshop was expertly mentored by the esteemed Bihu Samragyee, Smt. Jaya Seal Ghosh.

The response from the public was overwhelming, with participants spanning across various age groups and communities, including both Assamese natives and non-Assamese enthusiasts. Cultural Secretary Kashmiri Kotoky expressed gratitude for the enthusiastic response, despite the limited space available. Plans are already in motion to accommodate more participants in future workshops.

Vice President Orihana Ojah highlighted the meticulous planning and execution of the workshop, emphasizing the Association’s commitment to imparting authentic knowledge and ensuring a fulfilling experience for all attendees. The inaugural session set the tone with traditional rituals, musical performances, and the presence of distinguished guests, including government officials and renowned cultural figures.

Executive President Hiten Hatkhowa acknowledged the invaluable support of the administration of Assam Bhawan in facilitating the workshop, while General Secretary Indukalpa Saikia commended Jaya Seal Ghosh for her expertise and dedication in mentoring the participants.

The workshop concluded with participants showcasing their newfound skills gracefully, serving as inspiration to continue promoting cultural heritage among future generations. Beyond Bihu dance, the Kolkata Assamese Cultural Association is actively engaged in various cultural and social initiatives, reflecting its commitment to preserving and promoting the rich traditions of Assam.

Established in 2008, the Kolkata Assamese Cultural Association continues to be a beacon of cultural exchange and enrichment, fostering a sense of community and pride among Assamese residents in Kolkata. Through workshops, performances, and educational endeavors, the Association remains dedicated to upholding and celebrating Assamese culture in the heart of the city.


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