Fostering Innovation: Highlights from the 7th Inter College Competition on Prototype Design for Mankind at The Heritage

The Heritage Institute of Technology in Kolkata recently played host to the 7th Inter College Competition on Prototype Design for Mankind on April 5, 2024. Organized by the Department of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, this annual event served as a platform for young engineering enthusiasts to showcase their technical prowess and inventive thinking. With its growing reputation, the competition drew participants from various colleges, making it a vibrant gathering of innovative minds.

With over 60 project submissions received, the competition witnessed a remarkable turnout. Out of these, 47 projects were shortlisted for presentation and demonstration on the day of the event. Evaluation took place in two phases: first, a panel of judges scrutinized the submitted ideas for creativity, practicality, and societal impact; second, the selected 47 teams developed and presented their prototype designs, which were assessed, based on technical proficiency, feasibility, and innovation.

The competition not only provided a platform for showcasing innovative ideas but also fostered an environment of peer learning and collaboration. It served as a valuable networking opportunity for students, laying the groundwork for potential future partnerships and collaborations.

Distinguished personalities from various industries and academia graced the event, enriching it with their insights and expertise. Among them were Dr. Manjit Nayak from STPI, ParthaSarathi Biswas, the Founder and CEO of Signotron, and Prof. (Dr.) Maitree Bhattacharyya from JBNSTS, among others. Their presence added immense value to the competition, offering students inspiration and guidance from seasoned professionals.

The competition culminated in the recognition of outstanding prototype designs. The team from Adamas University emerged as the winner with their innovative design, closely followed by teams from Narula Institute of Technology and Heritage Institute of Technology, who secured the first and second runner-up positions, respectively.

The event showcased a diverse array of innovative prototype designs, each addressing real-world challenges with unique engineering solutions. It encouraged collaboration and learning among participants, fostering a spirit of teamwork and mutual growth. Moreover, it provided students with invaluable networking opportunities and insights into potential career paths.

Overall, the 7th Inter College Competition on Prototype Design for Mankind was a resounding success, encouraging students to tackle engineering challenges with creativity and technical expertise. As the Heritage Institute of Technology looks forward to hosting similar events in the future, it continues to contribute to the growth and development of young engineering talent.


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