L’Ray Treat Set to Celebrate Satyajit Ray’s 103rd Birth Anniversary with ‘Magajastro’ Quiz

In a celebration of cinematic brilliance and cultural heritage, L’Ray Treat, the charming café nestled in the heart of New Town, Kolkata, is gearing up to commemorate the 103rd Birth Anniversary of the legendary filmmaker, Satyajit Ray. From May 2nd to May 5th, patrons are invited to immerse themselves in a series of engaging activities honoring the iconic director’s legacy.

At the forefront of the celebration is the ‘Magajastro’ quiz, promising an exhilarating test of participant’s knowledge of Satyajit Ray’s illustrious work. From timeless classics to lesser-known gems, the quiz will challenge enthusiasts to delve deep into the cinematic universe crafted by Ray. Correct answers won’t just demonstrate a keen understanding of Ray’s artistry but will also unlock discounts ranging from 7% to 25% on delectable treats from the café’s menu, adding an extra layer of excitement to the festivities.

Prior to the anniversary celebration, L’Ray Treat has hosted a mask-making workshop on April 28th, inviting young children to channel their creativity while paying homage to Ray’s cinematic legacy. Inspired by Ray’s iconic film, ‘Hirak Rajar Deshe,’ participants had the opportunity to craft masks depicting beloved characters from the movie under the guidance of Tultul Banerjee, an esteemed former teacher at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans.

What sets L’Ray Treat apart from other cafés is its unwavering commitment to honoring cultural icons like Satyajit Ray. Every corner of the café exudes an ambiance steeped in the maestro’s legacy, thanks to the visionary efforts of entrepreneurs Suchismita and Ishita. From the meticulously curated décor to the mouthwatering delights on the menu, the café serves as a fitting tribute to Ray’s enduring influence on Indian cinema.

As the anniversary celebration unfolds, patrons can expect to indulge in a wide array of culinary delights, ranging from hand-tossed pizza wraps to freshly baked pastries, all served in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether engaging in the spirited competition of the quiz or unleashing their creativity at the mask-making workshop, visitors to L’Ray Treat are guaranteed an unforgettable experience that celebrates the timeless brilliance of Satyajit Ray while fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.


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