Kolkata Assamese Cultural Association to Host Maiden Bihu Dance Workshop with Renowned Mentor Jaya Seal Ghosh

The Kolkata Assamese Cultural Association (KACA) is set to inaugurate a five-day workshop on Bihu dance, a traditional Assamese folk art, from April 27th to May 1st, 2024, at Assam Bhawan in Kolkata. This endeavor marks the first instance of such an initiative in Kolkata, aiming to introduce the vibrant Bihu dance to the city’s cultural landscape. Leading the workshop is esteemed Bharatnatyam dancer, actress, and distinguished Bihu exponent, Smt. Jaya Seal Ghosh, who holds the prestigious title of Bihu Samragyee, bestowed upon her in 1994.

Jaya’s illustrious career spans across various dance forms and acting, with her prowess in Bihu dance acclaimed through numerous accolades and victories in competitions across Assam. The overwhelming response to the workshop registration underscores the city’s eagerness to embrace this rich cultural tradition, with participants from diverse age groups and communities expressing keen interest in learning the fundamentals of Bihu dance.

Kashmiri Kotoky, the Cultural Secretary of KACA, expressed delight over the widespread enthusiasm, noting that registrations have poured in not only from the Assamese community but also from Bengali youths and other demographics. Vice President Orihana Ojah affirmed that meticulous preparations are underway to ensure a seamless execution of the workshop, with plans tailored to accommodate the high turnout and guarantee a rewarding experience for all attendees.

In addition to this groundbreaking workshop, KACA has been at the forefront of promoting Assamese culture through various cultural and social initiatives. Annually, the association conducts workshops on Bhupendra Sangeet and other traditional dance and music forms, along with endeavors to showcase, teach, and preserve Assam’s rich heritage of literature, folk music, and dance.

Founded in 2008, KACA operates as a registered organization under the Societies Registration Act of 1961 by the Government of West Bengal, dedicated to fostering cultural exchange and enrichment within Kolkata’s vibrant multicultural milieu.



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