Indian Navy and Narcotics Control Bureau Achieve Historic Drug Seizure in the Joint Maritime Operation

In a highly coordinated maritime operation, the Indian Navy and the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) successfully apprehended a suspicious vessel carrying nearly 3300 kilograms of contraband, including 3089 kilograms of Charas, 158 kilograms of Methamphetamine, and 25 kilograms of Morphine.

The operation was initiated based on intelligence received from the Indian Navy’s maritime surveillance aircraft, which was corroborated with inputs from the NCB. Subsequently, an Indian Navy warship was deployed on a mission to intercept the suspicious dhow en route to Indian waters with a significant quantity of contraband. The Indian Navy units successfully located, tracked, and intercepted the suspicious boat at sea.

The Boarding Operations on the dhow resulted in the largest seizure of narcotics in recent times, both in terms of quantity and value. Following the successful interception, the Indian Navy warship towed the vessel to the nearest Indian port for the crew and contraband to be handed over to law enforcement agencies.

This operation is noteworthy not only for the substantial amount and value of the seized contraband but also underscores the effective collaboration between the Indian Navy and the NCB. The joint efforts aim at disrupting illegal narcotics smuggling routes originating from the Makran coast and flowing towards various Indian Ocean Region (IOR) countries.

The success of this coordinated mission reaffirms the unwavering commitment and determination of the Indian Navy to thwart attempts to exploit the seas for illegal activities, particularly in India’s maritime neighborhood.