CYBUZZ – The Cyber Awareness Bus set to Traverse Kolkata City Spreading Cyber Knowledge

In response to the escalating global trend of cybercrime, Kolkata Police has taken proactive measures beyond mere detection and investigation. The focus has shifted towards fostering public awareness about various cyber threats and educating citizens on preventive measures.

As a pivotal component of their cyber awareness campaign, Kolkata Police, in collaboration with the Department of Information Technology, Government of West Bengal, has introduced CYBUZZ – a specially designed cyber awareness bus.

The bus serves as a mobile hub for cyber education, equipped with informative materials, a video wall, interactive tabs for cyber quizzes targeting children, as well as posters and banners. The content on the bus elucidates the latest cybercrime modus operandi and provides guidance on safeguarding against such threats.

CYBUZZ is set to traverse the city, visiting schools, colleges, and other community hubs to disseminate cyber awareness effectively. By engaging with the public through this innovative initiative, the goal is to enhance overall awareness about cyber threats and empower individuals with knowledge to protect themselves.