Crèche House: Boon for Women Police Personals, Kalimpong Promotes Duty with Responsibility

By Joydeep Dasgupta

In the realm of maintaining law and order, women police officers not only fulfill their professional duties but also bear the responsibilities of care giving at home. Juggling between their roles as mothers and officers, they exhibit unwavering dedication and sincerity. However, managing both fronts often poses challenges, particularly in childcare.

Recognizing this challenge, Ms. Aparajita Rai, IAS, Superintendent of Police in Kalimpong, has pioneered the establishment of a Crèche for working police women. This innovative initiative provides a supportive environment for the children of inspectors, women officers, and civic volunteers.

Currently benefiting 36 women police personnel, the Crèche accommodates an average of 5-6 children aged between 2 to 13 years. This number increases to 10-11 after school hours, providing care until their guardians finish their duty shifts.

SP Kalimpong Aparajita Rai explained, “During discussions with women personnel, it became evident that the rise of nuclear families forced many to extend leaves or rely on neighbors for childcare while on duty. By deploying lady civic volunteers and securing the voluntary service of an experienced former paramedical female staff, we ensure the well-being of these children.

Rai emphasized, “Motherhood should not hinder women personnel from pursuing professional achievements on par with their male counterparts.

Currently, women constitute 5 percent of the West Bengal police force. With the government’s emphasis on women policing, this number is steadily increasing. Consequently, the demand for Crèche Houses in police stations is on the rise.

Originating in Kalimpong, this initiative has spread to other districts of West Bengal. The Crèche facilities are open to both male and female personnel, fostering a solutions-based approach and promoting gender equality in the workplace.

Report: Joydeep Dasgupta | Date: 20th December 2023