Your 10 Rupees a Month can send 2 lakh Underprivileged Children to Schools

A leading NGO in India, CRY has recently announced the pan-India launch of HERO IN YOU campaign which seeks to reintegrate two lakh deserving children into the school system across India. To support the campaign, individuals can click on the link ( and sign up for the 10 rupees a month donation plan using any UPI payment application.

“We are thrilled to launch the HERO IN YOU campaign, inviting everyone to become a part of this noble mission. The campaign is centered on the principle that small contributions, when combined, can bring about significant change,” said Yamini Kapoor, Director, Resource Mobilization, CRY.

Quoting a data submitted to the Parliament in February, Yamini said that more than 12.5 lakh students across the country are out of school in the year 2022-23 at elementary and secondary levels.

In a society where children’s education is a fundamental right, the HERO IN YOU campaign aims to bridge the educational gap and empower children who have been denied the access to quality learning opportunities. Let our childhood concept of piggy bank be the bank for our children’s future. With just 10 rupees a month, we can collectively rewrite the stories of children who deserve the chance to learn, grow, and prosper”, she asserted.

No child should be left behind due to financial constraints or social barriers. By rallying communities, families, and individuals, CRY is confident that the campaign will create a ripple effect of positive change across the nation. This campaign reflects our commitment to securing every child’s right to education.

The goal of the HERO IN YOU campaign, which will continue for six months till February 2024, is to on-board 10 lakh supporters and the purpose of the campaign is to ensure that additional 2 lakh children go back to school this year and continue their education, through the support of the heroes that live amongst people.

This campaign marked a significant step towards building a more inclusive and equitable society. According to CRY, this is an attempt to unite everyone for India’s children. It only requires a small step: a monthly donation of just 10 rupees. Interested persons can visit the official CRY website ( and sign up for the 10 rupees a month donation plan.

These collective contributions combine to form a significant fund, enabling CRY to reach and educate millions of out-of-school children. The cumulative power of these modest donations can have a lasting and transformative impact on these children’s lives”, said Yamini.

The NGO encourages individuals from all walks of life to join hands in this noble endeavor, ensuring that every child’s right to education is upheld. Donors would receive regular updates on the impact of their contributions, witnessing first-hand the transformation their support brings to the lives of underprivileged children.


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