Ink and You, where Fountain Pen Ink Meets Its Creative Expression

At a time when fountain pens have been either shifted to museums or rare collections and ball pens have made their way to the market to reach their destination forward. In a more creative way Pen Ink, which has its place reserved for the foundation pen tubes is finding its place of respect on the art canvas. Yes, fountain pen ink now serves as a versatile medium of expression on Canvas.

Artist Saikat Mondal, whose creative expressions traverse various media, ranging from water colours to acrylics, and oil. However, its ink that brings him a unique tranquility, he believes. The unpredictability of ink, much like the uncertain outcome when firing ceramic, renders it an intriguing medium. There’s no guarantee of the outcome; it’s an interplay of certainty and uncertainty.

Especially captivating is the unpredictable nature of fountain pen ink. The final effect it would imprint on paper or the texture it might create remains unknown until the artwork is dried. The artist aptly christened his exhibition “Ink and YOU”, based on the conflict between the two different perceptions. Through this, he is trying to reveal the unknown history of human life. This exhibition is about a boundary of certainty and uncertainty.

A key ingredient in his creative process is Sulekha fountain pen ink (a popular fountain pen ink brand). The artist has played with special thin properties of Sulekha ink in his work. For example, when dissolved in water or at the time of binding, it creates various portraits, textures on the paper. Leaving the traditional drawing ink, the variety of uses of fountain pen ink has attracted the artist and art alike.

In the month of July, Chhobi o Ghor and Sulekha is teaming up for an exhibition, which will demonstrate an underlying connection between Sulekha and Chhobi o Ghor, despite their different names. Just as Sulekha represents the evolution of fountain pen ink in India, Chhobi o Ghor embodies the revival and rejuvenation of artistic culture.