Traffic Police forms Green Corridor to help a helpless Student reach Exam Venue on Time

It was like any other regular day for Inspector Souvik Chakraborty, who is also the Officer In charge of Howrah Bridge Traffic Guard. He was patrolling on the strand road connecting famed Howrah Bridge where he noticed a young girl in school uniform is crying and asking for help.

On enquiry, Inspector Souvik came to know that the girl is a Class X Examinee and her examination centre is too far from the place in Shyambazar, in North Kolkata. The girl was unaccompanied as she has lost her grandfather on the day and her family has gone for the funeral. Alone and late for the exam, she was running from pillar to post in search of help.

Understanding the seriousness of the situation, Inspector Chakraborty immediately picked up the student on his official vehicle, ensured a green corridor by informing the Traffic Control Room, and rushed towards the examination centre, consoling her not to worry. They reached the exam venue at 11.30 am sharp, just as the centre was about to open its doors. Both the student and the police officer were relieved.

Inspector Souvik Chakraborty said “I am also a father of a Class 11 student, when I saw the girl crying it was around 11.20 and she had to reach exam centre by 11.30, even if I arrange car for her it would not be possible for her to reach exam centre. So I took her with me and asked for Green Corridor from control room and was approved. She was very much tensed. I just assured her that you’ll reach the venue that’s my responsibility.”

As they reached the exam venue on time, tears came rolling from the eyes of the girl as she smiled and thanked, the police uncle, who rescued her today and the city witness an emotional as well responsible touch of humanity.


  1. Thanks for your kind excellent support sir. 🙏🙏🙏Pleasebkeep on supporting needy people like this in fure too. A great wishes for you to the Almighty. 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Shouvik bhai this is an unexpected and above humanity gesture. You’ll be remembered forever for the same. Thanks to from bottom of the heart.

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