A Glittering 30-foot Gold and Silver Christmas Tree springs at Kolkata’s Park Street

This year, the Apeejay House lawn has been transformed into a dazzling Christmas wonderland of gold and silver. A 30-foot-tall Christmas tree that is covered in gold and silver glitter serves as the centre piece of the display. Its diameter is 18 feet. Silver symbolizes the star that the wise men followed to find the infant Jesus, and gold, a typical Christmas colour, signifies the gift of gold presented to baby Jesus by one of the wise men.

And, right next to the glittering Christmas tree, drenched in colours proclaiming Christ’s birth, you can see baby Jesus in his crib! An 8-foot-tall Santa Clause with glowing snow bears stands next to the dazzling Christmas tree, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, while an 8-foot-tall snowman watches from the other side. The entire area is illuminated with star lights, rice lights, and light-up balls. Also, don’t miss the upside-down umbrella lights suspended from heaven to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

The Christmas decoration put together by Apeejay Real Estate has been conceptualised and designed by Ms. Priti Paul, Director of Apeejay Surrendra Group and promoter of Apeejay Real Estate.

Park Street is traditionally the city’s go-to destination for Christmas revellers. Apeejay House has remained the starting point of Christmas festivities for those approaching Park Street from Chowringhee Road due to its location.

Every year during Christmas Apeejay Real Estate comes up with special decorations at the lawn of Apeejay House to add cheer to the festive jingle lingering in and around Park Street. “Park Street embodies the Christmas spirit that every Kolkatan is proud of. And we are delighted to be able to add another jolly stopover for Christmas revellers at Park Street and contribute to the city’s Christmas spirit. We hope that our installations this year will complement the Kolkata Christmas Festival, or Park Street Festival as many refer to it,” said the CEO of Apeejay Real Estate and Apeejay Infralogistics Mr. Shouvik Mandal.

Apeejay Real Estate has obtained all the required permissions and clearances from the state administration for putting up the installation and has the safety measures in place.