L’Ray Treat, the Café that serves Delicacies with a pinch of Satyajit Ray

It all started informally when two people with common taste and heart beats came together to start this venture. They first met at a blood donation camp to donate their blood for people in need during the Pandemic, but they came out of the camp with a strong bond of friendship and companionship.

Suchismita (R) and Ishita (L)
Suchismita (R) and Ishita (L)

Here I am talking about two young women entrepreneurs Suchismita Roy and Ishita Dasgupta, who have all set to become a name with the aesthetic and taste that they offer, from handmade Pizzas to live bakery and soup, tea and coffee with variety, this place is an amazing conglomeration for food lovers to experiment with their culinary cravings.

Started in November 2022, L’RAY Treat is a cozy and comfortable Cafe located in New Town, Kolkata and is open all the day from 12 noon to 9pm. Along with food; the café offers you an environment of playing games such as Chess and Playing cards, while you wait for your turn.

What makes the cafe different from others is no doubt its warmth and food, but what makes it special is its interior which had touched the legend Satyajit Ray to the core. Every small details related to Satyajit Ray has been collected and presented here by both the entrepreneurs, who also have done the entire interior decoration of the Cafe.

Soon they are introducing home delivery combo meal, experimental delicacies will be included soon with existing French fry Pizza; Elo Mela Pizza in the main course with fish with lemon butter sauce. Book reading and music session will be visible soon with lot more.


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