Crèche House: Boon for Women Police Personnels, Kalimpong Promotes Duty with Responsibility

They are one who looks after the law and order of a state; they also shoulder the responsibilities of taking care of their children, family and home. A mother is after all a mother, she does all the responsibilities both at home and out at ease with sincerity and dedication. She also work hand in hand, 24×7 at par with her male counterparts, but sometimes they had to face difficulties in order to manage both their kids, maintaining the profession.

To solve this issue, Ms Aparajita Rai, IAS, Supertindent of Police, Kalimpong has for the first time has come up with a Crèche for the working police women. Now this Crèche House houses the kids of Inspectors, other women officers and civil volunteers.

36 women police personnel have been named as beneficiaries till date and on an average 5-6 child between the age group of 2-13 years plays and taken care of at the crèche. The numbers sometimes swell up to 10-11 after school hours when the guardians drop them at the crèche till their duty shift is over.

Speaking to News Sense SP Kalimpong Aparajita Rai said, “It was learnt during one such women personnel meetings that due to the spurt of micro families, many women police personnel were forced to extend their leaves or leave the children with their neighbors while they reported to duty. We have now deployed lady civic volunteers to look after the kids. In addition we have been fortunate to receive voluntary services of a local ex-para medical female staff who has over 10+ years experience of working with children.

Ms Rai also added, “We believe that motherhood is a blessing and it should not pose as a hurdle to the women personnel while they continue to aspire for achievements in their professional space just like their male counterparts.

Right now 5 percent of West Bengal police force is women. Emphasis on Women policing is given priority by Government and slowly but steadily women force in Bengal too is increasing and with this growing number, the demand of such Crèche House with every police station is also increase.

It all started from Kalimpong, now such crèche house have started coming up in other districts of West Bengal too. The crèche can also be utilized by male personnel. Any police personnel (male or female) can opt to use this facility, creating solutions based approach thus promoting gender equality at workplace.