IPS Officer Starts Free IIT JEE Coaching for Less Privileged

Education can help every individual understand his or her self worth thus ensuring a better life for themselves thereby creating a better society. With this vision in mind a young IPS officer, has started coaching classes for less privileged meritorious students in an interior district of West Bengal, thereby helping to follow their dreams and built a career for themselves in engineering at IITs or working as a civil servant, cracking UPSC administrative services.

Shri Y Raghuvanshi, IPS, posted in North Bengal’s Alipurduar District as its Superintendent of Police, has not just gathered students from the district but also gathered finest scholars and teachers across the country to guide these students mostly from the rural areas.

Shri Y Raghuvanshi, IPS
Shri Y Raghuvanshi, IPS

Speaking to News Sense, Shri Raghuvanshi said, “We are considering this initiative very seriously as we know for higher studies like this requires at least 8 to 10 hours a week of dedicated study. Also the students don’t have to come to a single place or centre from the entire district, saving time, money and their studies and also all the teachers cannot come to Alipurduar as most of the teachers and experts are from different states, Chemistry teacher from Odisha, Maths teacher from Delhi, Physics teacher from UP and my local teachers are from Alipurduar town”.

The teachers conduct their classes online and give the students assignments, which are being shared with the students on a WhatsApp group. They solve the assignments and if they have any doubt and problem in understanding, the local teachers takes over and address the question.

Initially, the coaching classes were only for class 12 students, however, some of them dropped out. Now, the classes will also be extended to class 11 students. As many as 150 students have been selected for the two years course.

Shri Raghuvanshi is a 2013 batch IPS and has a dream of doing something for the underprivileged students. When he got posted in Alipurduar, the district with considerable tribal population and tea garden workers, he decided to help the youth in the community by exploring these options.

Speaking to News Sense, Shri Raghuvanshi says “When I came here I realised education is highly required and this will drive students further to go for higher studies. The more the number of students going for higher education will ensure the quality in primary and secondary education much stronger in the society, like a ripple effect.

Offering online classes to these kids was difficult as most of them did not have mobiles. To address these issues, Raghuvanshi provided mobile phones to students and those who have connectivity problem now come to local police station and attend classes from there. The IPS officer also reached out to parents and made them understand the importance of such coaching.

In his endeavor, he got help from his friends, the police department, and local NGOs. Shri Raghuvanshi is hopeful as he says, “as I believe we are the only state in India, which has probably produced the highest number of Nobel laureates and Bengal was at the fore front in producing a good number of IAS and IPS officers and I believe it is the time to reclaim the position.



  1. Sir you are doing a remarkable duty…
    As no one does it for student like us.
    This is the time and opportunity we got now… We won’t disapoint you. Keep going sir ?

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