‘Aratrika’, an Evening Dedicated to Odissi Dance

Report: Sampad Barua

The cultural capital of India, Kolkata witness the beauty of creativity with the Odissi dance performers in ‘Aratrika’. The event was organized by Saveri Odissi Dance School took to the stage with groups of spirited dancers who performed their heart out.

The opening ceremony was conducted by the prominent support figures of the school by paying a tribute to the god of the universe, Lord Jagannath. The dance recital started around 6:30pm in the evening when the younger group of dancers took to the stage and set the platform.

The main attraction of the recital was a dance drama named “Prakritish” which translates to “The Nature Gods”, inspired by Mahabharata and how the Gods showed their wrath and fought evil. The drama started with its first act portraying the significance of Goddess Saraswati and her evolution through the history of humankind.

In the second act, the drama delved into how Krishna followed Radha, who was believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Laxmi. The third act was all about the fury of the God Indra and how he defeated Vritasura, the great adversary of Indra. Smt Nandini Ghosal joined her student dancers in the drama and played the role of various goddesses while her voice played in the background narrating everything that was happening.

The audience held their breath throughout the drama which was performed flawlessly by the dancers. The confidence, fluidity and the elegance of their movements was visible as it was their first public performance in 2 years because of the Pandemic.

Saveri Odissi Dance School is an institution dedicated to “Odissi Dance”, an art of great historical importance. Originating from the Hindu temples of Odisha, Odissi is one of the most prevalent styles still active in the Indian culture.