Fact Check: Kaali Poster Row: Dakshineshwar Temple condemns ‘Fake Posts’ in its Name

The row over the ‘Kaali Poster’ has reached the most popular Kali Temple of the world, associated with the history and culture of India’s first capital – Kolkata.

Amidst the ongoing controversy over the ‘Kaali poster’ a fake tweeter account came up in the name of Dakshineshwar Kali Temple with a tweet, claiming “We are all worshipers of Maa Kali. Holding a cigarette in his hand is hurting the sentiments of the Hindu community. In many places, Maa is given alcohol and goats are sacrificed. But holding a cig is highly reprehensible. We are strongly opposed to it.

The Fake Tweet

Following Twitter thread, “As we said before, we still say that there are many places where worship is done with wine that is the rule there. But what is shown in the much-discussed poster is never acceptable. The Dakshineshwar Kali Temple strongly condemned the incident. We made our position clear.

The tweet was doing round on social media platforms and several mainstream media picked the tweet as the official statement of the Temple, while the temple authorities were completely unaware of the post.

When News Sense, approached, the Secretary and Trustee of Dakshineshwar Kali Temple and Debottar Estate, Shri Kushal Choudhury, he refuted the claim saying “We do not have any such tweeter account. We have already sent a complaint to Police, hope the action will be taken soon. we have also uploaded the official statement of the temple on our website too.” Meanwhile speaking to News Sense, Shri Ajoy Prasad, IPS, Deputy Commissioner, Barrackpore Police Commissionerate, said, “We have received a case of impersonation and we are investigating it.

The Fake Account

The account in the name of Dakshineshwar has more than 2307 followers and this tweet got retweeted several times too.

The Dakshineshwar temple was built in 1855 by Rani Rashmoni, philanthropist and landlord and a devotee of Mother Kali. The temple is known for its association with mystics of 19th Century Bengal, Sri Ramakrishna, Maa Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda.

NB: Don’t share or forward any misleading information on your social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, by doing so you are also becoming someone, who is creating panic and confusion among the larger mass and this is a punishable offense.