Environment Magazine ‘Jib Baichitra Suraksha Barta’ Released

This year, on World Environment Day, the new issue of the environmental magazine ‘Jib Baichitra Suraksha Barta’ was published. On Sunday, June 5, 2022, the second environmental fair of Nadia Paribesh Mancha was held at Ranaghat. This environment fair was organized by Nature First at the premises of Ranaghat Municipality.  ‘Jib Baichitra Suraksha Barta’ (Vol 3, Number 3) was published there.

Former professor of environmental science Dr. Subhash Chandra Santra unveiled the cover of the magazine. Eminent people were present on the stage to publish the magazine. Publisher Deepak Kumar Daan and editor Dipanjan Dey were also present on the stage.

‘Jib Baichitra Suraksha Barta’ published by the Gobardanga Gabeshana Parishad entered its three years in 2022. However, this magazine has already gained a lot of popularity. This environment magazine is properly documenting the environmental movements taking place across the state. Editor Dipanjan Dey said: “The purpose of our magazine is to spread the message of biodiversity conservation and to make people aware of their natural environment.” In 2022 the theme for World Environment Day is ‘Only One Earth’.

In addition to articles on the environment, the 48-page magazine also features multiple pictures of all the biodiversity of the environment. Gradually ‘Jib Baichitra Suraksha Barta’ is taking a special place among the students. We need to realize the importance of this kind of environment magazine in this time of environmental danger.