Deprived of Good and Sound Sleep ? Visit ‘SLEEEP Boutique’

Sleep is an essential function that allows our body and mind to recharge, leaving us refreshed, alert and active when we wake up. Healthy sleep also helps the body to remain healthy and stay away from diseases. But the pace of modern life hardly gives us time to stop and rest and good nights sleep on a regular basis a distant dream.

ITC Royal after over a decade of rigorous research has introduced ‘Sleeep’ or ‘Sleeep Boutique’ to ensure better quality of sleep for people as part of their holistic well-being approach, in line with their ethos of Responsible Luxury.

The detailed Sleep Study was undertaken at ITC Hotels, in association with the Scientists of ITC Life Sciences and Technology Centre, which has concluded that the Sleep Enhancement package (detailed subsequently), improves the sleep quality.

The offerings at ITC Hotels Sleeep Boutique located at ITC Royal Bengal allow the guest to feel their best. One can experience the sound quality of sleep at ITC Royal or at the comfort of one’s own home. But to make your bedroom a peaceful sleeping place, you can choose from the diverse range of pillows, bedding and bed linen part of the signature SLEEEP Boutique collection for your personal use.

The Boutique Offerings


Specially made for ITC Hotels

  • Pillow- Slim: Soft and thin pillows that provide good support know more.
  • Pillow- Super soft: Enhanced with three-way support for those who love to sink in deep know more.
  • Pillow- Art Silk Cotton: Specially designed with the softness of silk cotton for added comfort know more.
  • Pillow- Cotton: Filled to the brim with fine organic cotton fibre shell, curated for your comfort know more.
  • Pillow- Air Bath: Cushioned pillows that provide support during long, luxurious baths know more.
  • Pillow- Air: Customizable air pillows made for your comfort know more.
  • Pillow- Relaxing Support: Provides comfort and relaxation know more.
  • Pillow- Down Feather: Semi-firm pillows made of goose feather that provide even support.

Bed Linen

Specially made for ITC Hotels.

  • Pillow Cover- Sham style: Embroidered covers for style support, making your bed appear beautiful know more.
  • Pillow Protector: Enjoy your sleep with comfort and silence with a voile pillow protector know more.
  • Bed Sheet- Plain: Completely cotton, snow white satin weave for your comfort: know more Available in two different size•Bed Sheet- Plain (Length 3.20 mt, Width 3.20 mt).
  • Bed Sheet- Plain (Length 2 mt, Width 3.20 mt).

Embroidered Bed Linen

Specially Made For ITC Hotels

  • Pillow cover – Embroidered: Embroidered covers for style support, making your bed appear beautiful know more.
  • Duvet Cover – Embroidered.
  • Duvet Cover – Embroidered:


Specially made for ITC Hotels

  • Duvet- Down Feather: Made of 233 TC combined with 80% white goose down and 20% white goose feather ultra, these are ultra-fresh creations made completely of cotton, light cream in colour and down proof. know more.

Available in three different sizes:

  • Duvet- Down Feather (Length 2.43 mt, Width 2.78 mt, Thickness 1.3 cms).
  • Duvet- Down Feather (Length 2.33 mt, Width 2.55 mt, Thickness 1.3 cms)
  • Duvet- Down Feather (Length 2.33 mt, Width 1.82 mt, Thickness 1.3 cms)

Mattress Protector

Specially made for ITC Hotels

  • Mattress Protector: A 2.08 mt long, 2.08 mt wide and 0.5 cm thick protector for providing smooth support in your slumber know more.
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Mattress Protector (Length 2.08 mt, Width 2.08 mt, Thickness 0.5 cms).
  • Mattress Protector (Length 2.05 mt, Width 1.80 mt, Thickness 0.5 cms).
  • Mattress Protector (Length 2.03 mt, Width 1.07 mt, Thickness 0.5 cms)

Apart from these there are several other initiatives, such as optimized decibel level in the room, innovative lighting such as the anti-stumble lights, the right shower pressure, Sleeep Music channel, etc, to give a complete sleeping experience.

Speaking to News Sense, Gaurav Soneja, General Manager, ITC Royal Bengal said, “It is our Responsibility to ensure that guests experience a good luxury sleep while staying at ITC Hotels. The in-depth analysis into the Science of Sleeep® over the last 2 decades has enabled us towards our endeavor to enable guests to have a sound sleep in the room, while they stay with us. The objective was to make ITC Hotels the Leaders in providing the Best Sleeep® Experiences. AsSleeep® has been trademarked by ITC Limited, it has 3 ‘E’s.

Mr. Soneja further adds, “At ITC Hotels we believe that one of the primary reasons for a guest to choose any hotel is to ensure a good night’s sleep and there isn’t a substitute for that. It is this belief that has led us to initiate this research nearly a decade ago and implement practices that enhance the quality of sleep experienced by the guests at our hotels”.

Sleeep Boutique is a place from where people can buy sleeping accessories mentioned above, but Sleeep Ensemble, ensure better sleeping experience for the guests in the hotel itself.

The ‘Sleeep Ensemble’ is placed in the ITC One room category and above, at all the luxury collection hotels of the group. It consists of – Pillow Menu, Sleeep® Menu, Sleeep® Booklet, Eye Mask, Pillow Mist for Sound Sleep and Essential Oils for relieving Stress. Essential oils are natural remedies for occasional sleeplessness. The Pillow Mist can help one to relax before he or she goes to the bed and ease restlessness.

All these arrangements are for the most significant yet the most ignored part of our life that is ‘Sleep’. After we have gone through Covid Pandemic, we have realized the value of good health. Good health can be ensured through good Sleep. ITC has researched and designed, a tailor made sleeping experience to ensure people live an active and concentrated life. So, why wait, experience good sleep either at the ITC Royal or at the comfort of your home, but you must visit ‘Sleeep Boutique’.