Humming Bees to Keep Wild Elephants Away

Since ages elephant human conflict had been endangering the lives of both the traditional Dwellers, living in Buxa and Jaldapara areas of North Bengal and the large number of elephants crossing these corridors. Every year many lives were lost because of these frequent conflicts, along with huge Agriculture crop losses.

District administration, Alipurduar, with the locals have found a way for harmonious existence between elephants and human, avoiding the need to venture in deep forests in the search of livelihood through the apiculture that not only reduces this man animal conflict and generate additional livelihood opportunities for local people and farmers, but provides consumers with 100% Pure Natural Forest Honey.

By placing Bee Boxes in farms adjoining forests, the humming sound produced by bee keeps the elephants at bay and provides farmers with additional income. Next time when you a buy a bottle of honey from the government remember you are not only getting a pure organic product but also saving precious life.