B.Tech Student Develops Software to Prevent Sexual Harassment

In India 1 in every 3 woman has experienced some form of sexual harassment and every day we come across cases of rapes and molestation across the country. Souvik Ghosh, a B.Tech- Third Year Applied Instrumentation and Engineering student has developed a Computer Vision Software which works on artificial intelligence and can prevent sexual harassment through surveillance cameras.

The device will start playing a loud alarm or siren sound upon registering the fist. This would alert the citizens around the vicinity. Alternatively, if the person shows their index finger or points to number one, the system will directly inform the police.

The student of Heritage Institute of Technology in Kolkata has named the Software ‘Sathi’ with the belief that this can help to prevent sexual abuse.

Speaking to News Sense, Souvik said, “My interests lie in data science, computer vision and deep learning. Along with a tech enthusiast, I am also a social worker and associated with teaching initiatives in red light areas. Through my experience I have realized even children are not safe. Most of the victims feel embarrassed and fear to protest. While some others get so shocked that they fail to react. So, to help women fight back I present before you Sathi- a software that can be put into use at any security camera throughout India.”

Souvik’s college is proud of his achievement, P.K.Agarwal, CEO, Heritage Group of Institutions, Kolkata says,At Heritage Institute of Technology, we provide a broad based research platform where students can invent some real time projects which can give solutions to many problems faced by people across the Country”.

Souvik is further working on developing the software with more advanced features, but for this he need the help of industry experts and professors in this domain.

Dr. Madhurima Chattopadhyay, Head of the Department, Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Heritage Institute of Technology Kolkata assures all support while saying “Souvik is really a hard working student and his analytical approach is appreciable”.

Now, the only thing is to fit the software into the CCTV cameras around the city, which can ensure the safety and security of women in every city.

Report and Edit: Joydeep Dasgupta, Editor, News Sense