‘Winningstree’ Celebrates Womanhood by Recognizing the Winner in Every Woman

Winningstree is on a winning spree ever since recognizing winning women from all walks of life. It has emerged in to a platform to empower women. She makes women powerful Pan India as a social media influencer, blogger, and our community builder. Winningstree is a platform to connect, link very informed, enterprising and learned strees from all walks of life who are doing great in there entrepreneurial or professional fields and are motivating others by guiding and sharing wisdom through their stories!

Winningstree recognizes winning women from all walks of life and gives them a platform for brand growth, business growth, showcasing of products and services, skill acquisition and empowers many women across cities! Their active city chapters are running in Delhi, NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune!

Tanusri Majumdar

Winningstree is the brainchild of Tanusri Majumdar, who founded the platform in the year 2018. Tanusri’s draws her inspiration from her own struggles as a mother who had quit her job and was trying to accomplish greater goals in life. Later on she saw many women at cross roads troubled to establish themselves especially middle aged yet unable to decide on a path. Slowly Tanusri embarked on a journey to celebrate women and share their ordinary yet extraordinary stories.

Winningstree recently hosted its Holi Disco Party 2022 for its Strees in Kolkata as every year at the popular east India’s first micro Brewery and night lounge The Beer Republic! The owners and venue partners Gur Simran and Simran were very hospitable and friendly! Their staff were equally helpful! The event partners for the event were Eventella an Event Management Company which is being led by a husband and wife duo, Jeegar Gorasia and Sanchayata Gorasia! They brilliantly anchored the show and arranged for beautiful takeaways for the ladies!

The Gifting Partners for the event were Team OMG founders Naina Golchha and Nishant Jha! They arranged for a very thoughtful and vibrant potlis and masks for the ladies! A boutique customizing clothing for kids, men and women,the party became very happening when Team OMG arranged for a Ramp Walk with selected few ladies from the party!

The strees swayed away the evening with music, dance, food, quiz, games and some shopping! Winningstree is a Pan India based digital community for women founded by Tanusri Chakraborty! The chapter head for Kolkata, Shruti Agarwalla and admin Richa Mehrotra left no stone unturned to make it a happening event! Their cake and confection partner Sonu Jain baked a lovely Stree With Multiple Hands Cake indicating that women are beautiful, good multi taskers and can manage everything single-handedly!