Asteria Aerospace Launches SkyDeck – A Software Platform for Delivering Drone-as-a-Service

Asteria Aerospace, a drone manufacturer and solution provider in India, has launched its end-to-end drone operations platform – SkyDeck. SkyDeck is a cloud-based software platform to deliver a DaaS solution for multiple industry verticals such as agriculture, surveying, industrial inspections, and surveillance and security.

SkyDeck provides a unified dashboard and services for drone fleet management, scheduling and executing drone flights, data processing, and visualization and AI-based analysis of aerial data captured using drones. SkyDeck ensures operational transparency, improves collaboration between stakeholders, and provides secure and centralized management for scaling drone programs across multiple applications.

Neel Mehta, Co-founder & Director, Asteria Aerospace, shares, “The recent liberalization of regulations for drone operations and the promotion of DaaS by the government have increased the demand of drones across industry sectors. Asteria is already among the leading drone manufacturers in India. With the launch of SkyDeck, we are addressing the need of the hour with an integrated drone hardware, software, and operations solution. SkyDeck simplifies the use of drones to generate aerial data and turns that digital data into business insights to power drone applications at scale.”

For the agriculture sector, SkyDeck provides data and insights that can be used to accurately measure crop traits, assess crop health, and optimize agri inputs. For construction and mining industries, SkyDeck uses drone-based aerial data to create accurate site surveys for monitoring progress and maintaining accurate inventory records. For critical infrastructure sectors such as oil & gas, telecom, and power & utilities, SkyDeck harnesses the power of drones to digitize and inspect assets for preventive maintenance, identifying threats, and recording changes. SkyDeck can also help in the successful implementation of fleets of drones in various government programs and initiatives like the Svamitva Scheme, Smart Cities, Agristack, and other development projects.

About Asteria Aerospace

Asteria Aerospace Ltd ( is a full-stack drone technology company providing actionable intelligence from aerial data. Asteria develops deeply customized drone solutions for government and enterprise customers using its in-house hardware design, software development, and manufacturing capabilities. Asteria has been a trusted partner to provide long-term, quality-focused, and reliable products & services to the defence& homeland security, agriculture, oil & gas, energy & utilities, telecommunications, mining, and construction sectors.

Asteria Aerospace Ltd is a subsidiary of Jio Platforms Ltd, which is a majority-owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd.

Report: Joydeep Dasgupta, Editor, News Sense