Lymphoma Cured, 50 Year old Patient gets back Life

Dr Sen with Patients Relative

50 year old Radharani Pal from Bardhaman district of West Bengal was suffering from pain abdomen weight loss and loss of appetite for 8 months. She visited 12 doctors across hospitals in West Bengal to be diagnosed as Liver cancer and liver cirrhosis and was told that it is last stage and nothing much can be done and she won’t have much time to survive.

In utter agony and uncertainty her son came to Dr Suddhasattwa Sen. The doctor and his team revisited every paper. Initially the doubt was, this can be a case of TB or Lymphoma (which is a very low grade malignancy) but not a case of Liver cancer or liver cirrhosis. She had large mass attached to liver with multiple lymph nodes inside abdomen (which has been diagnosed as liver cancer with spread. But what the team felt that tumour is not from liver but probably from outside liver and stuck to it.

Dr Sen says, “This is very important because not only treatment but also Long term survival and quality of life will just be opposite to liver cancer. Further detailed examination revealed that she had small nodes elsewhere in body and also in groin. We did a small operation to extract lymph node and send it again for Biopsy and immune histo chemistry (a special staining method which can exactly say about the tumor type) to Dr Roy of Roy Trivedi and report came as confirmed low grade Lymphoma”.

Now patient has chance for cure and long term survival with non operative treatment with chemo medicines unlike what they were told that patient will survive only few months. She can lead a near normal life for very long. She became severely depressed but now is doing better happy and relieved.

Sometimes needle in a biopsy or FNAC can hit 2 adjacent areas, of tumor and surrounding normal tissue. During pathology study these cells get mixed and can give a false positive report for cancer especially in dubious cases. So it is better to be sure strongly about any diagnosis and question it inspite of reports, if clinical suspicion doesn’t match with reports.


  1. I have a Lymphoma at backside left of backbone for approx 12 years. No pain I feel. But I want it to microsurgery. Is it may any problem in future if I don’t operation it? How much cost may be required for this?
    Please give me suggestion.

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