Kashmiri Boys goes Global Online with his Football Trick Shots

In merely 2 years with sheer determination and rigorous practice, 20 years old Shah Huzaib is now a household name, known for his amazing tricks with football. When Kashmir was locked posted 2016, Huzaib started learning football tricks on YouTube and practice rigorously.

He posted a video of himself, practicing Football tricks on YouTube, which went viral and thus making him more popular trick shot artist from India. His video got more 20 million views, bringing Indian footballer Baichung Bhutia and Bollywood Actor Sunil Shetty praising his football skills on Social media.

Speaking to News Sense Shah Huzaib said, “As of 2021, I recorded more than 400 trick shots. I learnt trick-shots from YouTube. I look up to footballer Cristiano Ronaldo as an inspiration. I have been invited in several television shows including India’s Got Talent Season 9.

Huzaib also received, Kashmir Young Achievers Award 2021, presented to him by Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Manoj Sinha.

A football trick shot which seems impossible requires a particular skill set. So Huzaib practiced rigorously for two years starting in the year 2018, learning trick shots from US based sports entertainment group called Dude Perfect Channel.

He has to depend on YouTube to learn as there was no one in the village to guide him on the football tricks. After learning he started posting the videos on YouTube and Social media, getting reaction from people, mostly positive but there were someone or other who can criticize him too and thus he could learn from those comments.

Now, Huzaib plans to take his trick shots to advance level so that in future he can help people to learn these trick shots and he also needs a platform where he can exchange these trick shots and get sponsorship. His dream is to become a football star like his role model Cristiano Ronaldo.