A New Record in Making as Diamond Harbour undertakes 30K Covid Tests in a Day

At a time when the whole world is struggling with the third wave of covid with new variants of the virus, India too is struggling with its limited infrastructure with people reluctant to follow covid protocols. Amidst all these gloomy instances a ray of hope has been shown by the people of Diamond Harbour, a parliamentary constituency in West Bengal, where the cases are comparatively low as each and every individual of the area are following all covid guidelines.

To add to this, on the occasion of Swami Vivekananda’s 160th birth anniversary, Diamond Harbour undertook a monumental task of conducting 30,000 Covid tests with the aim to fight Covid19 by implementing positive initiative while introducing strict measures for the welfare of the people. The initiative has been taken under the leadership of Abhishekh Banerjee, Member of Parliament, Diamond Harbour.

West Bengal recorded 17,95,430 active covid cases as per the latest recorded available data and is growing everyday. In such a time, Diamond Harbour model can work best to curb the virus from spreading, experts also believe the same. Diamond Harbour is also the gateway to the Gangasagar Mela and such a move for the welfare of the people can certainly help in limiting the virus from spreading.