Tribal Boy from Interiors of Purulia Secures IIT Delhi Seat

Sanjay Lohar, has recently bagged a seat to pursue his studies in Electrical Engineering at IIT Delhi. It is not unusual for a boy at his age, but what makes him different is his hardship and dedication. Coming from a cow herding family in Purulia in West Bengal, Sanjay says my family doesn’t even know what this achievement is all about. Such is the ignorance of the people in that area, considered among the backward districts of West Bengal.

Sanjay Lohar

People still struggle for food in this part of the country from where Sanjay has made a mark. Starting his study from Chandei Village School under Jhalda Subdivision in Purulia District of West Bengal. He is always a good student who secured 75% marks in his 10th and 81% Marks in 12th. After his higher secondary he sat for WB Joint Examination and secured a seat in Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He then tried IIT JEE and the rest is history.

After he got the admission, another problem before him was paying the admission fee of 15000 INR. Sanjay was broken as he doesn’t have the required money. At this point Social Activist like Tushar Awasthi and friends in Purulia come forward and raised money, partially through social media and paid his fees.

Sanjay with Tushar

Tushar says, “when we got to know about his condition and when he informed us that he secured IIT Delhi seat but doesn’t have the required fees with him we decided to raise fund and within 3 days we raised the fund, with the relief on his face we also felt relieved helping such a bright student from our district”.

Sanjay is now concentrating on his new life at IIT Delhi, he is waiting for his call, but his advise to every students is to work hard consistently. Sanjay speaking to News Sense says “students from our community doesn’t want to study because they believe there is nothing that they can do. I want to tell them to take advantage of government programs and schemes, there are more for us. I got the benefit from various government programs and schemes in my education“.