Chandannagar’s All Women ‘Jagaddhatri Puja’

Purashree Jagaddhatri Puja Committee of Chandannagar is not just a Puja Committee organizing the Jagaddhatri Puja in all its grandeur, but what makes the committee different from others is that it is an all women puja committee, which means from collection of donation, to choosing the idol of Maa Jagaddhatri to distribution of prasad is all done by a group of women, comprising the members of the Purashree locality.


Troyee, a software engineer and an active member of the committee says, “We have more than 30 women members in the committee between the age group of 20 to 65 years, we collect donation only from our members and organize the puja every year. This year we are performing the Puja, which has touched 9th year of its inception following all covid guidelines“.

From a humble beginning in the year 2013 in Purashree locality of Chandannagar, the Puja over the years has grown into one of the most prominent Puja committees of the city, which is also famous for Jagaddhatri Puja. Since its inception, all activities related to the Puja are being controlled and operated by the women of the locality.


It feels good to see that our puja is one of the very famous Puja of the city now. The inspiration behind the puja is, as women, we are born mothers and we look at our para (neighborhood) as our own home and its residents our family, our children, so you can say out of motherly love this puja has been started by all of us,” says Moli, Vice President, Purashree Jagaddhatri Puja Committee.

Located on the bank of Hooghly river, Chandannagar was one of the 5 French settlements in India. The city has a unique culture which has evolved out of Bengali and French culture. Indo-French architecture of colonial era are most sought after tourist sites in the city beside Jagaddhatri Puja around this time of the year.