Indian Airforce Contingent in Multi National Counter Terrorism Exercise in Russia

A contingent of 38 personnel of the Indian Air Force (IAF) took part in the multi-
national counter terrorism Exercise Peace Mission, held under the aegis of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). Besides the IAF, the Indian Army also represented
India for the exercise. The contingent landed in Russia on 13 September 2021 for the
exercise which is culminating today. The IAF is utilising its heavy lift IL-76 aircraft for
induction and de-induction of the entire Indian contingent.

The IAF contingent consisted of transport crew, Garud Commandos, Para
Jumping Instructors, interpreters and representatives from different fleets. In Russia,
the contingent operated from two locations, the Orenburg military airfield and the
Donguz field firing range. The IAF’s commandos and para jumpers participated in
Combat Free Fall missions during the exercise, from the IL-76 aircraft.

Besides military drills with other participating nations, the contingent also took
part in informal interactions and cultural exchange events.