Students Joins Together to Heal Society

By Sana Ahmed

The world has been going through unprecedented challenges because of Covid-19, but that did not deter the spirit of the youngsters who have come together to respond to this global crisis.

Three youngsters came forward to form The Healing society- Sunrit Panja a class 11 student at garden high school, Subrangshu Sarkar a 2nd year student from Heritage college and the Vedika Halwasia A 1st year student at Presidency college, Chennai.

The Healing Society is a charitable organization that caters to the needs of the down-trodden and other needy people. They aspire to provide aid to all orphanages and old age homes, enabling education for children who cannot afford schooling. Speaking to News Sense, Sunrit says that “this organization was officially found on the 3rd of July, and we aim to work towards giving back to the society.”

The healing society now has a strong youth power of 91 volunteers; all the volunteers are between the age group 13-21 years. While these youngsters have online classes to attend during the day, they connect every evening to chalk out their upcoming drives. In the month of July the healing society conducted their first drive where they distributed 100 food packets in Southern Avenue. They named this initiative as The Servings of Delight.

Sreenita Banerjee a class 8 student who volunteers with the healing society says that “I am very happy and excited to be part of the society am looking forward to such philanthropic work.” She also adds that after learning about the group she was very keen to be a part of this organization. The group also plans to come up with a Covid Resource Centre that will cater to the needs and requirements of people related to covid.

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It is heartwarming to see these youths, come forward to help the people and send out a strong message of love, empathy, and positivity to the society. Their upcoming drive on the 7th of August involves cleaning up of the Maidan and contributing towards the environment.